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Update: Doodle-A-Day!!

Still continuing along with the doodle-a-day challenge! =D I think it's going quite well!! 

I would like to thank everyone who has watched me and favoured all of my stuff.  I can't tell you how much it means to have your support.  You are all awesome!!! Hug Huggle! Tight Hug Love 

In addition to the doodle a day, I will be posting 100% cleaned up, finished pieces as well.  It is important to note that drawings I do for the "DAD" Challenge are just that, doodles.  They're scratchy because that's how they're meant to be.  Some will look more finished then others, some will be lines, some will be colored, depends on what inspires me that day.



Okay, so recently I've been getting a lot of people asking me about requests and commissions.

If you would like anything done by me, just PM me or send an email to with the word "commission" in the subject line so I know it's not junk or spam mail. Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 

-Just tell me what you would like to have done be it Fanart, Original Characters, a comic page, you name it, you got it!! (As long as it doesn't go against my morals, just ask! =) )
-Prices will vary depending on what you want. (size, digital, traditionally, number of characters, details, etc)
-We can always work something out if you don't have enough funds =) I'm very reasonable XDHamtaro Mouse Emoji-07 (Cute Dance) [V1] 
-I do accept paypal!!


I got this from :iconpunisher2006:.  Thought I'd do it too XD So here it goes!


1. Pick one of your OCs. (I chose four because they're a group XD)
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag four people to do this meme!
4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal.


1. What is your name?

Toru: Toru Iasion Aeacus.
Alan: Lord!
Toru: *rolls his eyes* Lord Toru Iasion Aeacus.
Resse:  Resse Arella.
Alan: *smile wide* Alan Fredrick Miyuri! Nice to meet you!
Ray: Raymond Menegozzi or...Salucci, depends who you ask.

2. Do you know why you were named that?

Toru: No clue.  It's a japanese name and I'm Greek, so...figure that one out.
Resse: I actually have no idea. *blinks*
Alan: Me neither.
Ray: *shrugs* My mom liked the name?

3. Are you single or taken?

Toru: I guess I've been single for a while now.
Resse: *nods* Me too.
Alan: Yea....*sighs*
Ray: *smiles* I'm not.
Alan: *pouts* Don't rub it in!

4. Have any abilities or powers?

Toru: Being a vampire, yes.  Increased strength, agility, hearing, healing and stamina. *smirks* Flying, recently acquired the ability to teleport, able to communicate through the mind, some psychokinesis and the ability to literally rip someone's soul from their body.
Resse: You say it so casually too.  I'm a fallen, so...I lost most of my powers, but I can still heal pretty quickly.  I have increased strength, hearing and agility, though not as much as Toru.  Sometimes, very rarely actually, my healing ability can be used on other people.  I can create energy blasts and I can fight decently well.
Alan: My turn??  Okay!  I'm a warlock. *smiles wide* I may not be as physically strong as Toru, Resse or Ray but anything to do with magick, I got down packed!  The possibilities are really limitless once you tap into that energy!  I get excited just thinking about it!
Ray: *chuckles a bit* Calm down there, Alan.  I'm an elemental demon, so majority of my powers have to do with fire, water, air and earth.  Increased strength, hearing, agility and healing as well.

5. Stop being a Mary Sue!

Toru: What the fuck is a Mary Sue??
Alan:*pops in a dictionary and flips through a couple of pages* Mary Sue!  A term used to describe an idealized female character, usually in fan fiction, often, but not necessarily, as a representation of the author.  Male counterpart is usually referred to as "Marty Stu". *closes the dictionary*
Toru: .........*flexes his fingers, her claws beginning to lengthen* Call us a Mary Sue one more time, I dare you.

6. What's your eye color?

Toru: Red.
Resse: Blue.
Alan: Amber.
Ray: Green.

7. How about hair color?

Toru: Black.
Resse: Blond.
Alan: Silver.
Ray: Auburn.

8. Have you any family members?

Toru: Both my parents are dead.  Died a long time ago. My brother? *growls* I'd rather not talk about him....
Resse: Both my parents are alive, as far as I know.  They're up in Heaven.  I don't know if I have any siblings.
Alan: Both my parents are alive, living in Japan!  I'm the oldest of 4 children!  I have two brothers, who are twins and a little sister!
Ray: Both my parents are alive.  My mother is married to...I guess I could call him my step-father.  I also have a half-sister and a nephew.

9. Oh? How about pets?

Alan: Cosmo!! *smiles wide* My dog!  He's a Norfolk Terrier!
Ray: Other then him, we have no other pets in the house.  I wouldn't really classify Susan as a pet.  She's my carnivorous demon plant.

10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like!

Toru: *growls* My brother.
Resse: I think we can all agree that we all hate your brother.
Alan and Ray: *nods*
Resse: Something besides your brother...Hmm...*thinks for a moment* I don't really like rap music.
Ray: Bounty Hunters.
Alan: Honeycombs!
Toru, Resse and Ray: *look over at Alan, their eyebrows raised at him*
Alan: ....*blinks* What??  They're freaky!!  All those little holes!! *shivers*

11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?

Toru: I like to read mostly.
Resse: I love to listen to classical music and play my violin. *smiles*
Alan: Eat!  Food is just so good!! And I like photography!
Ray: I like to cook and garden.

12. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?

Toru: Several people.
Resse: Yes...But only ever in self defense.
Ray: I think all of us here can say it was in self-defense.  We don't attack unless threatened.
Alan: *nods* Pretty much.

13. Ever… killed anyone before?

Toru: Supernaturals count in that category?
Resse: I would assume so.
Toru: Then yes.
Resse: ...Well...yes, but again, self defense.  Supernaturals usually don't fight unless they want to kill you.
Ray: *nods*
Alan: ....I don't know if unsummoning things would be considered ...killing them?

14. What kind of animal are you?

Toru: ...Animal?  You're fucking calling us animals now??
Resse: I don't understand this question.  We're not animals.
Alan: Maybe some sort of....spirit animal?  Or what animal would we be if we were animals?  I don't know!
Ray: Let's just move on.

15. Name your worst habits.

Toru:  I don't have any bad habits.
Ray: *rolls his eyes*
Alan: Pfft! Yea, okay!  What about letting your temper get the best of you? Or your brute honesty? Or your narcissism?
Toru: *glares at him* Okay.  What about your eating habits?
Alan: *pouts* I enjoy food!
Toru: Or how you're always messing up my house with your fucking spells!!
Resse: .....*looks over at Ray* I do one of yours, you do one of mine?
Ray: Agreed.
Resse: You constantly leave water on the floor after you shower.
Ray: You get down on yourself a lot when you lose control of your curse, even though you shouldn't.

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?

Toru: My father, when he was alive.
Resse: My friends.
Ray: I'm going to have to agree with Resse on this one.
Alan: Uhhhh...I'd rather not say...
Toru: Just say it!
Alan: .......*coughs*You*coughs*.
Toru: ....*blinks* .......*smirks, shaking his head a bit*

17. Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?

Toru: Definitely straight.
Resse: Bi-sexual.
Alan: Straight!
Ray: Straight.

18. Do you go to school?

Toru: I was never in school.  I had tutors growing up.
Resse: Same.
Ray: I never went to school. Ma thought about putting me into kindergarten but she was afraid the others would find out about my powers.  Not long after that, I was brought to Hell anyways.
Alan: I've been out of school for like 10 years but I go back to visit every so often!

19. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?

Toru: *shrugs* Might be nice.
Resse: *nods* Yea.  That's something I'd like to do. *smiles*
Alan: Yea! I want a big family!
Ray: *smiles* Me too.

20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?

Toru: Yes.
Resse: ...Uhh...*blushes a bit* Both.
Ray: *smiles* My one fangirl is all I need.
Alan: *blinks* I don't know, actually.

21. What are you most afraid of?

Toru: *thinks for a moment* ....The people I care for...getting hurt because of me. *glances over at Resse, Ray and Alan*
Resse: *frowns* Letting my curse completely take over me.
Ray: Failure to protect those I love.
Alan: Being helpless.
Toru: And honeycombs, apparently.
Alan: Shut up!! It's called trypophobia!! It's just the clusters....It's just the clusters...

22. What do you usually wear?

Toru: Nothing too fancy.  Boxers, shirt, pants.
Resse: Me too.
Ray: *blinks* Same.  I like wearing sweaters sometimes.
Alan: Depends on how I wake up in the mornings.  Sometimes it'll be a t-shirt and shorts, pants and a shirt. Oh, and I can't forget my socks!

23. What's one food that tempts you?

Toru: Rare steak.
Resse: I really like chicken teriyaki.
Ray: Fettucini Alfredo.
Alan: All food tempts me. *laughs*

24. Am I annoying you?

Toru: Yes.
Resse: Toru!  That's not nice to say.
Toru: It's true.
Ray: Let's just the rest of these questions done.
Alan: We're almost there!

25. Well, it's still not over!

Toru: Well, fuck.
Resse: How many more?
Ray: I count 12 more.
Alan: *blinks* Did anyone notice that there's no 29 or 37 in this questionnaire?

26. What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)?

Toru: High class, I guess?
Resse: Well, we all live in Toru's house, which is a mansion, but uh...I don't know, I'd say middle class with my job?
Ray: Middle class sounds about right.
Alan: Yep!  Middle class, all the way!

27. How many friends do you have?

Toru: Enough.
Resse: A few very close friends, a few friends and several acquiantances.
Ray: The friends I have are few, but close.
Alan: I'm a people person!  I have lots of friends, but my closest ones are right here with me! *smiles wide*

28. What are your thoughts on pie?

Toru: Some of them can be too sweet.
Resse: It's good. My favourite is cherry.
Ray: I love to make pies!
Alan: And I love to eat them! *laughs*

30. Favorite drink?

Toru: Wine.
Resse: Iced tea.
Ray: Regular tea for me.
Alan: Milkshakes!

31. What's your favorite place?

Toru: My father's study.
Resse: I like the music room.  That, or the Astral Deck up on the third floor.
Ray: The kitchen or my garden.
Alan: The Dark room where I can develop my pictures!

32. Are you interested in anyone~?

Toru: Not really at the moment.
Resse: ....It's...kind of complicated with me. *blushes a bit*
Ray: Of course. *smiles* My amore.
Alan: No, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled for someone!

33. That was a stupid question.

Toru: All of these questions are stupid.
Resse: Awww they're not that bad.
Ray: We're almost done, don't worry.
Alan: 1, 2....5 more!

34. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?

Toru: Lake.
Resse: Lake.
Ray: Ocean.
Alan: Hmmm....Both!

35. What's your type?

Toru: Why is this question relevant?
Alan: Why are any of these relevant??  They're just fun! Come on!
Toru: *groans* Fine...What's my type.....I like a woman who's no pushover.  Someone who can stand up for herself. Smart, strong, hot.
Resse:  I just want someone who's nice.  Someone who I can protect and someone who doesn't give up on me.
Ray:  My amore is sweet and kind and has a great sense of humor.  She's creative and has a good moral sense.  She's perfect for me.
Alan: Type....Type...I don't think I'm that picky.  She can't be rude or mean or egotistical, she has to have good sense of humor and she has to be fun, but know when to be serious.

36. Any fetishes?

Toru: *grins* Now this question, I like. I have several!  Lingerie, toys, food, bondage, blood, I'm pretty much open to a lot of things.
Resse: Uhhh...*blushes* Can I skip this one?
Toru: No.
Resse: *groans* Okay..*sighs* Sex in public places.
Ray: Uh...*blushes a bit* Sex outside.
Alan: Food!

38. Camping or indoors?

Toru: Indoors.
Resse: Indoors.
Ray: Camping, definitely.
Alan: I like camping, it's fun!

39. Who are you gonna tag?

Toru: You're kidding, right?
Resse: Whoever wants to do it.
Ray: No one.
Alan: Uhh! Whoever!


That's it for now! Neko Emoji-32 (Clap) [V2] 

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